#TheTimeHasCome (22.10.2022, Berlin)

Solidarity with Protests in Iran

(Woman, Life, Freedom)
.زنان, زندگی, آزادی

About this website

The solidarity march #TheTimeHasCome for the protests in Iran on October 22nd 2022 in Berlin was the most impressive demonstrations I ever witnessed. It was also probably the largest demonstration of exiled Iranians outside of Iran ever, with around 100,000 people coming together peacefully (but very resolutely and strongly) to support their loved ones who are fighting for their lives in their homeland.

With these photos and videos I want to support all people in Iran (except the mullahs) and especially the brave girls and women who fight for their human rights and for their freedom and future. I hope so much that this fight can be won forever as bloodlessly as possible. That’s why I’m happy to make all these works available under free license (CC BY-SA 4.0). Now it’s your turn! Please feel free to share them and use them for your (good) purposes. All files have been optimized for web publishing. If you need them in a higher resolution, just write me an email.

To best describe this incredibly strong and engaging atmosphere, there are no better words than these three, which are also chanted by the brave freedom fighters in Iran:

(Woman, Life, Freedom)


Are you looking for more material?

On this website you only find photos and videos that I took myself with my iPhone. My friends and work colleagues Vanessa Juercke and Theresa Breuer have made additional recordings with their professional equipment. On request, they will most likely be happy to provide you as well. More material can also be found on Twitter from @Elmar_Iachi, who also joined us on top of Siegessäule.